Moods, Microclimates, and Mohair Jackets

Some people are like sunny San Diego, where it’s 82 degrees and sunny every day, where you can wear shorts and a t-shirt 300 days out of the year. These people are even-keeled. Upbeat. Unshakably positive. Sometimes, annoying. Some people are dour, cloudy and grey. Like Seattle. Home of the grunge flannel shirt — a […]

Red Wing Boots: A Dorky Teenage Dilemma Resolved

pHere’s an embarrassing story. When I was in high-school, I fancied myself a bit of a hippie. I had long hair and listened to the Beatles and the Grateful Dead. I was opposed to the Gulf War and I wore paint-splattered Levi’s that had once been my father’s work-pants. I read The Autobiography of Malcolm […]

14 DAYS OF REFLECTION: EPISODE 12 – Context, Context, Context

Q: Why have I not written anything for the last month? A: Long answer. It begins with G.I. Joe. When I was 14, I rounded up all my action figures, put them into shoe boxes, and hung posters: Lamborghinis, girls in bikinis, and a couple of rock bands. I know. Super original. If you had told me, […]


“I have a good eye, I know what I like… I liked the tailored look, but I wanted to take more risks. I’ve spent my life being attracted to the tailored, crisp lines of men’s clothing. But only in the last ten years have I realized that if the clothes don’t hang on my shoulders tightly at the right spots, the clothes are wearing me.”