Two Men and a Torah: Style at the Gates of Manhood

Style was perplexing, to me, when I was 13. I felt as in the dark about what I wanted to wear to school each day as I did about what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I remember that day, when I saw my first pair of Chuck Taylors on my feet (orange, no less). I knew that I was ready to take my first steps into deciding for myself how I wanted to live my life.

My outsides matched my insides.

Style-Story: Dan

Above, Dan’s Style-Up: Before and After. Over the years, I have gone through my own style growth. I have learned a great deal: what rules to follow, what rules to break, and how style is more about self and identity and less about cloth and clothes. I call the process of matching up my outsides to my insides (and […]

How and When to Roll Up Jacket Sleeves

No, you won’t look like Don Johnson. Yes, you can roll up your blazer sleeves. Just follow these three simple rules. 1. Shoulders NO: Big shoulder pads. YES: “Unstructured,” casual jacket. 2. Material NO: Wool, tweed, “suit material” – essentially, a suit jacket. YES: Casual materials like cotton, jersey (sweatshirt material), or “sweatery” material. 3. Fit […]