The Unbearable Lightness of Getting Rid of Stuff

I feel sorry for sweaters. Allow me to explain. I’m a sentimental person. I’d hope my friends would say that  this is what makes me a decent listener when they’re in crisis.  I empathize, I feel others’ pain. It’s worth it to be wired this way, because being a human being is about human feeling. It […]

How and When to Roll Up Jacket Sleeves

No, you won’t look like Don Johnson. Yes, you can roll up your blazer sleeves. Just follow these three simple rules. 1. Shoulders NO: Big shoulder pads. YES: “Unstructured,” casual jacket. 2. Material NO: Wool, tweed, “suit material” – essentially, a suit jacket. YES: Casual materials like cotton, jersey (sweatshirt material), or “sweatery” material. 3. Fit […]