On Turning 41

windowTurning 41, so far, is much better than turning 40. Here’s 14 days of why: 7 leading up,  7 of the aftermath.

Episode 1: Intro and the Power of Silliness

Episode 2: What Does Turning 41 and a Sci-Fi Book by Madeline L’Engle Have In Common?

Episode 3: Turning 41 and the Problem With Perfectionism

Episode 4: What Goes Around Comes Around – One Level Higher

Episode 5: How Do You Know When The Suit Fits? Metaphorically Speaking, That Is.

Episode 6: Getting engaged and turning 41: Blogging Back and Forth Together ))<>((

Episode 7: Back to Life, Back to Reality

Episode 8: The First Day of Vacation: Matching What You Wear to How You Feel

Episode 9: Bracelets and Being Satisfied With a Little Bit

Episode 10: Bold Patterns to Filter Out Noise

Episode 11: The Once and Future (Engagement) Ring

Episode 12:  Context, Context, Context


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