The Dapper Teacher : [30 DAYS OF WRITING: EPISODE 22/30]

me and mikeThis is day 22 of a 30 day New Year’s Resolution.

Mike and I were talking.

I’d sat down at his empty table to bang out day 21 of my New Year’s Resolution, and he struck up a conversation. After a few minutes of good shmoozing, I pulled out my card: Style For Dorks.

See, I’d meant to bring my magnetiCClassroom cards to Educon, but they didn’t arrive in time. Fortunately, I had my SFD cards.

Mike and I shared a good natured chuckle: what could be more polar than education and style? As it turns out, being a good educator and a sense of style have a lot in common.


Person vs. Persona

In order to survive in a classroom, and in order to be accessible, unbruised, and authentic, teachers (like anyone in a challenging, human-giving line of work) need a persona. Your persona is composed of the best parts of who you are, really – but only whatever is relevant to the classroom. It’s your best, most teacherly you. 

Mike and I talked about how a sweatshirt and jeans may be comfortable, but it won’t put the glide in your stride that will get you feeling ready for a challenging day, or which will broadcast these essential messages to the students: I am put together. Our class time, too, is put together. I care about the small things, and I care about you.

“I care enough to wear a uniform of excellence.”

At Educon, I’ve met brave, brilliant, inspiring teachers. Many of them are quite dapper, and many are as brilliant with trailblazing as they are with a blazer.

We teachers confront our fears and insecurities about our own human limitations and about the vulnerabilities of the next generation, daily. We use 99% of our brains. We give all we have.

And many of us show how much we care about putting together a great learning experience by putting ourselves together in the morning.

Here’s to the dapper teachers of Educon, 2.7.

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