Target is the New “On Point.”

Meet Jill.

Jill is thirty-something, smart-as-hell, and has a great, dry sense of humor. Trust me, she is one-of-a-kind.

Jill is also like many people in that:

1. She could use a hand in selecting outfits that show off her natural good looks.

2. She’s interested in stepping up her style game but isn’t interested in dropping a lot of money on fancy labels.

3. She’s busy – and she doesn’t want to sink a lot of time into bargain hunting.


Enter the Target Style-Up.

Target has gone through some spikes and slumps in the past ten years, but has been making strides to come back swinging. We brought Jill to Target to test their women’s spring collection, and I think you’ll agree – Target is on point.

Look Number 1: From office to happy hour

nauticalv2blackcardiganHere, Jill wears a pair of slim-fitting “ankle-pants” with a more conservative cardigan (right) and with a fun, spring blazer in a nautical stripe (left).

Notice the skinny belt – it pulls the outfit together and keeps the profile trim and clean.


1. The tank top looks great tucked in because it creates a pulled-together look.

2. Swap out the black flats for clean, canvas sneakers for a beachy look.

3. Grey, blue, white and black all complement each other. Don’t be afraid to stack multiple tones of each.

whiteshirtpantswithjacketcuteLook Number 2: Seersucker Before Memorial Day

Let’s get one thing out of the way. You can wear seersucker before Memorial Day. You can wear white pants before Memorial day. You can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, as long as it looks good.

Here, Jill looks better than good – her seersucker capris pair beautifully with a fresh v-neck tee, without the jacket for a walk in the park, or with the jacket for a walk to the office water-cooler.


Look Number 3: Black and White and Red All Over

As long as we’re on a role with ankle-pants, add some color with this spring-time red. Paired with the same cardigan as above and a nautical-stripe tee, the color contrast is fresh and festive.

* * *

Wear this outfit to a porch party – or just, you know. Wear it on a porch.

smilewithjacketLook Number 4: The Coldest Winter Ever: Summer in San Francisco

What’s disappointing: Mark Twain never said that line about the Bay Area weather.

What’s not disappointing: the foggy evenings here let us wear great later pieces like this double breasted trench-style jacket, all “summer” long.

It’ll keep you warm while you stand in line for ice cream.

jacketv3Look Number 5: Rebel on the Beach

Speaking of jackets, this cute Tar-jay jean-jacket costs about a third of what you’d drop on a name-brand, but you’d jacketsmilenever know it. It pairs beautifully with a summery dress, adding a touch of bad-assery to the clean-cut foundation. On the left, we paired it with a preppy-stripe sun-dress with a built in string-belt. On the right, we mashed it up with a Maui print dress for the beach-party look – or maybe for the after-beach party.

Look Number 6: Maximum Style

One of my favorite denim-meets-summer outfits combines the denim jacket with a maxi-dress, perfect for slipping over a bathing suit.

jillawesomegifTarget on Point

We left Target with about a dozen pieces, all for the cost of a single designer item from a fancy department store. And while it’s easy to get excited about the savings, there are a few, other significant benefit of shopping at Target.

1. Sales people help you – and don’t bug you.

Sometimes, when you want to experiment with a new look, it’s nice not to have someone fawning over you and giving their opinion. At Target, you have the space to try things on and leave with whatever you’re happy with.

2. The selection is plentiful but not exhausting 

I often feel like department stores are designed to exhaust shoppers and wear down their defenses. At some point, I find myself riding up and down the escalator, unsure of where I’m going.

At Target, everything – from beach casual to classy dresses – are just a few aisles apart.

And if you need a hot pretzel, mid-shopping excursion, they got that, too.

3. Target is Anti-Snob

Some people don’t like to shop because they can sense pretentious, judging eyes from salespeople or from snobby customers. At Target, everyone’s on the same mission: to get good clothes and not spend a ton of money. Nobody is trying to intimidate anyone with a fancy label.

4. Target’s return policy rules

You have THREE MONTHS to return it! And you can return it anywhere. So, take home that Peplum Blazer zip jacket. If you still hate it in 90 days, get your refund and spend it on organic coffee beans. (Yes, they have that, too).

5. There’s one, like, 10 minutes from you.

And if you (and your Target) are in the Bay Area, look me up — maybe I can help you out!

jillnmegifReady for your own Style-Up?

I won’t hold your hand, but I will guard the fitting room door.

Live in the bay area? A Style-up is painless. Maybe even fun. And it might help you land a date / job / both at the same time. Email Me and we’ll get you on your way!

Outside of the Bay Area? Through the miracle of the interwebs, we can arrange an on-line consultation. You’ll end up with a handful of great items, some new looks, and a spring in your step. Click to Email Me.

Want to See More Style-Stories?

Weekend Look #1 – (or: Why you should wear a tie to the park)

ingreen3“What tradition from the past that’s faded away would you like to bring back?”

A 12th grader pulled this question from a box of conversation-prompts called “Table Topics,”  and my first-period class all took turns reminiscing about nap-time and recess and trick-or-treating.

When it was my turn, I lamented a tradition that was long gone before I was born:

On weekends, people used to dress up for relaxing.


Gramps as a young dandy (no family resemblance at all).

If you look at iconic pictures of the Kennedys on Vacation, Ole Timey Hikers from the 20s, and this picture of my Grandpa when he was a dashing young dandy, they all have something in common:

They’re all dressed for leisure. And they all look awesome.

I understand the desire to dress down. We all know that walking in the door after a long day and immediately dropping trou is one of life’s simple pleasures.

But after that, most men forget the next step: put on an outfit that says, “It’s time to chill in style.”

Chilling In Style: What’s In It For You?

A caveat: yes, a t-shirt and jeans might be physically more comfortable to wear on a walk on a sunny Saturday afternoon. But so would wearing an undershirt, boxers, and those toe-shoes. And you’re not doing that any time soon.

Chilling on the Island of La Grade Jatte. Do you see any Crocs?

Chilling on the Island of La Grade Jatte. Do you see any tank tops?

In “Chilling in Style” duds, you’ll get a compliment from the cute clerk at the corner store. You’ll get a “hm!” look from the barista at the cafe. You’ll get a “wowee” from your significant other.

And you’ll feel awesome.

How do I do it?

1. If it’s summer, wear a tie made out of a light material – cotton or linen. If it’s winter, wear wool or a knit cotton.

2. Wear shoes that are clean and sporty or classy but comfortable. No running shoes. 

3. Mix dress-up an dress-down. Don’t wear the jacket from your “power-suit.” Wear a slim fitting blazer made of casual material or a really nice, light sweater. Wear bright, fun colors with dark jeans or a simple, white shirt with colored chinos.

4. Pick a hat that fits you perfectly, and that doesn’t have unnecessary stitching or detailing.

5. Don’t be afraid to work on your “chilling in style” outfit, swap elements in and out, until you love it. Then, remember how you did it (with an unapologetic selfie), and trot it out every so often.

6. Most importantly – everything must fit. Don’t cut corners with baggy pants or tent-like shirts.

Weekend Look #1


Chilling in Style


in park



Hat: from a bin at Rainbow Grocery. Try Goorin Bros for a nice selection. Get something simple and classic.

Sweater and tie: Black Fleece

Jeans: Levis Made and Crafted  

Sneakers: These are from Fluevog, but alas, they’re out of production. Try some nice, white, low-top Chucks.